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Evertte Davidson-clowns (2)“I have spent 20 years in marketing and advertising as an art director, designer, and illustrator. But promoting myself has always been a weak spot for me.

“Over the past several years I have made a career change; moving into fine art.

“My objective was to get into a very high-end art gallery with a strong contemporary buyer following. I was shooting for the “highest rung on the ladder”.

“After spending the last year creating a new body of work I knew I would have to do something very different to enter this crowded field. The average top gallery can receive up to 20 or more submissions a week from artists.

“Then I met Bill Gluth. And of course, I stumbled over spending money. But I got over it. I think that Henry Ford one time said, “If I had only 10 dollars in my pocket, I would spend 9 on advertising.”

“Bill helped me outline a powerful approach to getting my work in the hands of galleries I cared about.

“Bill’s approach was cutting edge, very current regarding how do you get people’s attention when they live in a busy, busy world, and actually think they don’t need your product.

“Bill helped me see my strong points that I totally overlooked. We formulated a concise plan, and I followed it.

“After three weeks passed I had my first offer from a major gallery located in Los Angeles.

“Hiring Bill was money very well spent. I have realized my passion, solidified my message and am taking action that so far produced fantastic results in an amazingly short time, Hats off to Bill Gluth.”

Everett Davidson, American Surrealist. Painter of the Shadow Self.


“Before I met Bill, I was having a certain level of success. But in the area of marketing and sales, I was definitely coasting on repeat business and word-of-mouth.

“Realizing I had hit a plateau with my business, I brought Bill on-board to kick things (and more accurately, me) to a higher level.

“Through his guidance and ability to cut through excuses, we rebuilt and refocused my business. In the process, new opportunities opened into natural areas that complimented what I was already doing.

“One of the best impacts Bill has had on my business is helping me see the bigger picture. It’s natural when one is in the middle of running a business to develop some tunnel vision and miss opportunities that are easily within reach, or be able to spot flaws in one’s approach to things.

“Most important, Bill has become a trusted friend whose advice and encouragement has been a huge benefit to my business and life.”

Mike Klassen, Voice Over Talent


“I really can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for my business. You were the person I have been looking for since I started this business.

“When you first came to see me I didn’t even want to be in business anymore. I was tired and ready to throw in the towel. You have brought life back into the business and have given me valuable, life changing tools to make this business work!

“The greatest part of all is that it wasn’t that hard to do! I feel like I was a caterpillar in its cocoon. Now I have begun to transform into a butterfly.

“These new wings have given me a new perspective not only in regard to my business, but with my personal life as well. I feel like a new person.”

Megan Eldridge, Handwriting Development Expert, Owner, Scribble 2 Script


OttoSiegel (2)
“In his unique passionate and knowledgeable way, Bill created a complete sales system for our company Genius Coaching that made it easy to approach new prospects, leverage the products and services we offer and track results.

“He over-delivered with his passion for our business and truly cared about our success.”
Otto Siegel, Genius Coaching

And more from Otto…

“Thank you so much for your input on my online seminar sales. Even there was not a lot of time left I still felt more confident to call people from my own database and sell them. Now I have 10 participants and two requests for the next class already.”

Otto Siegel, Genius Coaching


Phil Taylor“There are some people who make such a profound impression on you, that it is a real challenge to come up with the adequate words to describe the richness, depth and width of their personality and character.

“Bill Gluth is one of these rare, beautiful and exceptional individuals! How does one begin to describe Bill? First and foremost he gleams with passion, authenticity and deeply caring attitude. His humility, grace and kindness are disarming, and he naturally and effortlessly weaves these values into a remarkable approach that exemplifies true professionalism and excellence in business.

“I cannot say enough good things about Bill, as he has, in a noticeably short period of time deeply touched and enhanced my life, both, on a personal and professional level! Thank you, Bill for adding so much value to my professional endeavor, and for being the great life-enhancer that you are!”

Phil Taylor
Author: Set Yourself on Fire: How to Ignite Your Passions and Live the Life You Love


jeremytuber“Working with Bill has been the single smartest thing I have done in my two years in business. Based on his strategies, Can-Do Graphics has already doubled previous years revenue figures – and it’s only August!”

Jeremy Tuber, Video Storyteller

And more from Jeremy…

“You gave me concrete, easy to understand and follow strategies that have significantly impacted our level of sales.

“There have been paradigm shifts in how we do business, how we manage time, how to grow our business and how to work more efficiently with clients. All of these shifts have resulted in working smarter, not harder for money and revenue.

“You helped us identify financial and process oriented inefficiencies within the company. Based on our work together, we came up with logical and effective policies and strategies to get these under control and move the company in a positive direction.

“You helped us develop a clear, easy to implement sales program and marketing strategy based solidly on client feedback and research rather than untested, subjective opinions.

“Even though I have a bachelor’s degree working with you has been like taking an MBA course in marketing and sales.”

Jeremy Tuber, Video Storyteller


Jeffrie Story“Bill has helped me develop a sales process campaign for getting new prospects.

“I’m very excited because I’m getting results beyond my expectations! He not only helped me design the campaign and the process, but Bill has been instrumental in helping me stay focused on it.

“Without Bill’s help, I never would have gotten where I am in the process. I also would not have known what works, so I could repeat it. And by the way, I probably wouldn’t have gotten my website updated, either, and it certainly wouldn’t be as strategic as it is. Thank you, Bill!”

Jeffrie Story, Unleash Your Sales DNA


SIP-LogoDear Bill,

I want to take this moment to share some of the gratitude I feel for everything you’ve done to help me realize my potential thus far as an entrepreneur.

As usual, everything you do to point me in the right direction makes all the sense in the world.

I’m launching into the next phase of my personal and business life, which really seems to be just in time. I value your opinions, your timely, ‘cut to the chase’ feedback and understanding. Somehow, you are able to pick up wherever we left off and see the big picture as if you had been there all along.

The biggest value for me in any relationship is to feel a level of respect that allows for truths to be shared. Since we’re both playing the business game, it helps reassure me that I’m not alone and somehow you understand where I’m coming from. I feel as if your imagination has no limits and that is both inspiring and reassuring for me.

I appreciate being given a chance to communicate my feelings and desires when it comes to matters of the heart openly without feeling judged. I feel as if you see the diamond in the rough when I share my business ideas. It also helps me tremendously to know that you see the value in what I’m trying to manifest.

You’ve shown me that you have a genuine desire to help me evolve, and most important, you have the wisdom and capacity to put yourself in my shoes instantly while providing insight that leads directly to a positive creative planning process. Ideas and honest sounding board sessions have helped me to build what were simply ideas into reality.

Genius is in all of us. Thanks for helping me shine the light on mine.


Zoltan Cantillo
Founder. Seaplanes in Paradise


Evernote Certified Consultant